The customers are entitled to use the right to return an item according to the European Union rules, while the cost of delivery of the item to the Seller is borne by the customer.

When receiving the item, we request of our customers to carefully inspect the item for transportation damage and if there is such, to refuse to accept the item and state the reason for that to the delivery company.

If defects unrelated to incorrect use of our products appear, we ask our customers to contact us at or by phone at: +359 888 122 546, +359 899 943 090, in order to agree upon the replacement of the product. Please keep in mind that if you call us by phone, you may be charged for an international phone call by your phone operator depending on the country. Please keep in mind that on the phones we only answer calls in English or Bulgarian.

If defects occur due to incorrect use or hits, drops, excessive pressure or exposure to high temperature, COCO AND BAMBOO LTD. in its capacity as owner of shall not be responsible to make a free replacement of products. Of course, we will do everything possible to help our customers.
If there is a necessity of refunding of amounts paid with a card for agreed upon and provided by us services, we will do this by credit transaction for the card with which the payment has been made.