Natural Coconut Set – Coconut SPA

Home Coconut SPA Therapy of three Irresistible natural products with organic cold pressed coconut oil, giving pleasure to the body and senses.

The coconut cream deeply moisturizes the face, scrubs make the skin silky smooth and soft and the soap gently wash, leaving yoour skin soft and hydrated.

The products complement each other and create the perfect home SPA experience that will become your favorite SPA ritual. Suitable for sensitive skin. Our sets will come to you in a luxury
gift box.


Натурален Кокосов Сет – Coconut SPA
Natural Coconut Set – Coconut SPA


Imported by: “Coco&Bamboo” Ltd.

Natural Coconut Set – Coconut SPA

1. Luxury Natural COCONUT Hydrating Butter – concentrated healing and smoothing cream, soften marks and scarves, removing all face dark spots from sun exposer or other sources 90 gr.

Organic coconut from Amphawa, Thailand

A luxurious intense moisturizing butter made from organic coconut oil and vitamin E. Relieves dry or bumpy skin, softens marks and scars, improves skins elasticity making it perfect for use on stretch marks or to prevent them before and after pregnancy. Great as an overnight treatment or to target problem areas such as heals, knees, elbows, but can also be used on a daily basis.

A Luxury Natural Coconut Hydrating Butter for deep and full revitalizing of skin.

With its amazing formula the luxurious intense moisturizing butter is a best choice for your skin. The products contained purely natural ingredient as Organic Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

  • Face Care: Great overnight treatment for you skin. Gives the needed hydrations during night sleep and enough time for the natural oils to absorbed their beneficial potentials. Relieves dry skin, soften marks or scarves, deeply working on all dark spots caused by sun or other pollution environmental damages. Highly improve skin elasticity. For better results recommended as a day care as well.
  • Body Care: The Hydrating Butter is a perfect solution for bumpy and dry sky or to target problematic areas such as ruff heals, knees or elbows caused by medical or other reasons. Soften successfully scarves and marks.
  • High resultant on use against stretches or to prevent them before or after pregnancy.

    Directions: Apply to skin, even skin that needs special care such as face, hands, stretch marks or scarves by gently massaging into the skin until absorbed.

2. LUXURY COCONUT Salt Scrub – Home SPA experience (270 gr.)

This scrub with its unique, enticing aroma is made from organic coconut oil from Thailand’s Ampawa district and the scrub particles are from ground walnut shells. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids which nourish and are beneficial while exfoliating dead skin off leaving the new healthy skin for a smooth, youthful appearance.

The product is suitable for problematic ruff zones like heel, elbows, knees and etc.

3. Natural Coconut Soap (120 gr.)

Soap with organic coconut. Because of its formula coconut oil is the best natural oil for the skin. Its small molecular structure makes it easy to absorb from the skin, giving it softness and smoothness. Soap is an indispensable remedy for dry, coarse and wrinkled skin. Pure unrefined coconut oil is very rich in antioxidants that penetrate deeply beneath the main skin tissue and protect it from free radicals that disrupt its elasticity. Its regular use protects the skin from the appearance of unpleasant spots and shadows, due to age or excessive exposure to sunlight.

How to use: Тhe SOAP is wetted and frothing on damp skin. Rinse with water.
Store in dry and indoors at a temperature of 5 to 250 C. Do not expose to direct sunlight and heat.









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