COCO AND BAMBOO LTD. in its capacity of owner of the online store (named “Seller”’), delivers each ordered item by using a third party – a courier or a logistics company by own choose.

The delivery cost depends on the country to which the item should be delivered.

In all European Union countries packages will not be hold and required custom clearance, respectfully no such additional charges will occur. For all the rest of the countries local applicable law shall apply.

Free delivery police apply only for orders in our country of origin – Bulgaria.

The delivery cost according to the country of delivery is as follows:

Country: Price:
Germany 13,00 EUR
Austria 13,00 EUR
Hungary 13,00 EUR
United Kingdom 15,00 EUR
Belgium 15,00 EUR
Italy 15,00 EUR
France 15,00 EUR
Netherlands 15,00 EUR
Czech Republic 15,00 EUR
Slovakia 18,50 EUR
Slovenia 18,50 EUR
Croatia 18,50 EUR
Poland 18,50 EUR
Denmark 18,50 EUR
Luxemburg 18,50 EUR
Spain 19,50 EUR
Sweden 26,00 EUR
Finland 26,00 EUR
Ireland 26,00 EUR
Latvia 26,00 EUR
Lavenia 26,00 EUR
Estonia 26,00 EUR
Portugal 26,00 EUR
Greece 10,00 EUR
Romania 10,00 EUR


If you don`t identify the country you wish us to deliver in the above list, please contact us at and we will come back to your with individual delivery quotation.

The seller performs deliveries only to the countries included in the list above.

The delivery cost will be automatically calculated during the ordering process during which the customer enters the delivery address.

The Seller reserves the right to set a longer delivery time than the one listed on the page of each product, and will notify the customer in such cases.

If the Seller has not listed delivery time, the delivery time for the items is 30 calendar days from the next day after the day on which the order was made on the site

If the Seller cannot fulfil the agreement because the Seller does not have the ordered items available, the Seller shall notify the Customer for this and refund the amount paid by the Customer within 30 days of the date on which the Seller had to fulfil its obligation under the agreement.