Health and Beauty from the Heart of Thailand with Natural Products Used Exotic Experiences.

We believe that nothing is more powerful than Nature and we believe that Nature can bring health and beauty to us and our families with its unique strength.

Inspired by the culture and respect to Nature in Thailand we focused on understanding what is there  secret ingredient for Healthy Long  Lives and World Famous Beauty.  Every one we met said only one word but  with numerous applicability  * Coconut *

Coconut oil extracted from pure, freshly pressed coconut milk chilled and separated by centrifugal force remains raw and organic retaining all of it beneficial properties, aroma and taste.

After years of searching for the right ingredients and products we are now delight to share that we transfer our Believes into our Mission so we can supply our customers with 100% Natural and Organic cosmetic products that brings health, beauty and joy. Leaving our heart  and gratitude back in Thailand we brought the best Natural Cosmetic Product, carefully selected for You.

                                                                                                                                     from Coco and Bamboo Team          


Coco and Bamboo. Ltd is a company that treat Nature with high respect to each living thing and creature so “WE SAID NO” :


Bianka Bikova
CEO / Founder